The Master Bedroom is probably my favorite room in the new house, and it was definitely my favorite room to decorate. It's french, girly and beautiful! And my husband doesn't even complain about the level of "girlyness" which is the best part!! 

When we first bought the house, this bedroom was the worst area in the house to me. It had two different color walls, a nasty bathroom with a handicap shower, an awful ceiling fan, weird windows...the list goes on and on. But I knew with a remodeled bathroom, a fresh paint color, all the right furnishings and an amazing chandelier that it could be gorgeous! 

My husband and I own an auction house in Alabama and we spend a zillion hours a month in our auction house as well as others, because quite frankly, we're addicts. They should have meetings for auction junkies too.  Ha! This bed was an auction find, as are 90% of the furnishings in our house.  I walked into an auction house and saw it and told my husband it had to be mine! Of course, he said "we'll see, honey". I immediately googled 'french upholstered mirrored bed' and found that this bed is made by Hooker. WHAT was it doing in an auction house?!? And how did anyone ever part with her? She sells retail for a whopping $2, 700. My husband bid it to $900 and then turned to me and said "I'm done. That's enough!" Well...he turned away {bad mistake baby!} and I bid again at $1,100. The guy who was bidding against us probably just felt sorry for me and quit. The bed was mine and I'm still obsessed with her! 

Here she was when I first saw her in the auction house, and you see those two french chests?
I had to have those too, of course!

They obviously don't look the same anymore, but I knew they wouldn't stay the same when I first saw them. I knew I wanted them two tone and really wanted to show off all of the details. I used ASCP French Linen for the gray color, I left the original cream and then I highlighted all of the details with a hand brushed gold. They turned out just perfect for our space. 

I stumbled upon these one day in an antique store THREE years ago. They stayed in a bag for THREE years until they found their forever home on my bedside chest. 

Would you believe that I bought this gold mirrored chest at an auction too? And would you believe me if I told you that it is from the same maker, from the same darn collection?? I purchased it two years prior to purchasing the bed because I fell in love with it. I had nowhere to put it, nowhere. It went with nothing I had at the time, but my husband so kindly held it in storage for me because I was unwilling to part with it. And low and behold I found the perfect place, two years later! This jewel retails from Hooker for $1300, but I paid a whopping $225! Auctions are addicting, trust me. And the mirror? $5, at an auction! 

These chairs are probably my favorite items in the bedroom. I scored these beauties for only $100 a piece at an auction and they are just perfect in our space. The lamp was a little beauty my husband bought to sell, but it never got to leave the house. Sorry, honey! 

Oh, and can we just talk about the collection of old mirrors? Auction find in a box of junk for $5! I could go on and on about all my great auction finds. I told you, it's an addiction :) 

This chandelier, oh how I love it. Hanging it nearly caused a divorce, haha,  but I love it so much!! 
I bought this dresser probably 3 or 4 years ago at an auction because it matched one that I already had. I didn't have room for two at the time, but I stored it anyway, you know, just in case. When we started on the bedroom I knew I had the perfect set of his and hers dressers. The were both dark mahogany and one was covered in water damage. I managed to salvage them both and gave them fresh, new life! 


Now that you've seen the after, I'm sure you're dying to see the before...

I think one of the biggest improvements throughout the whole house was the floors. When we bought the house they were a nasty orange color. I just could not deal with them, so I found a guy, who turned out to be the perfect choice, to redo them. We stripped down the dining room and he spent two hours with me custom blending a stain until my heart was content and we had chosen the perfect color. 

This was a fun project and has turned out to be a well loved space that is timeless and classic.