We love salvaging old pieces of furniture that hold tons of character and history. We have a passion for bringing them back to life and taking pride in their flaws and restoring them to be enjoyed and cherished by new families.

VINTAGE: Representing what is best or most characteristic of somebody or something. CHARM: A quality that attracts others to oneself. RESTORATION: A term commonly used when describing an item that has undergone improvements such as new paint, yet is nothing like the original.

Friday, December 16, 2011


This was a custom order for a new client - two pieces in one week for her!! She is just a doll to work for! She bought this as a Christmas gift for her sister - who does that?!? Um, I'm going to need new sisters! Haha! Totally kidding!! She chose Anjou Pear as her color and it turned out just beautiful - so retro!


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