We love salvaging old pieces of furniture that hold tons of character and history. We have a passion for bringing them back to life and taking pride in their flaws and restoring them to be enjoyed and cherished by new families.

VINTAGE: Representing what is best or most characteristic of somebody or something. CHARM: A quality that attracts others to oneself. RESTORATION: A term commonly used when describing an item that has undergone improvements such as new paint, yet is nothing like the original.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


This was a custom order for a repeat client - we chose the color based on some awesome pillows from Pier One. She bought the coffee table from me and the end tables are her old night stands. They turned out to be great, clean lined tables with a touch of rustic, farmhouse feel.

We sanded them down, painted them, then sanded out all the details of the pieces and used a wood stain glaze to bring back in the dark wood tones - plus added some really cool new hardware that contrasted the piece perfectly. Finally, we finished it off with a wax paste for protection.



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